health & safety

as you know, in recent times a lot has changed but we have only had to make a few changes to how we offer our treatments.

our kit is always disinfected throughout the day to ensure that not only you are safe, but that we are too! We will be complying with a 2m social distancing rule with household members/visitors who aren't having treatments. The changes we're making can only help make a difference and go further with your help.

please ensure that you follow government guidelines and do as much of the following prior to and during our visit:

06 1. ensure area is clear to reduce contact
01 2. disinfect areas and wash hands thoroughly
02 3. sanitise your hands before you sit down
03 4. wear a mask during your treatment

you will be asked to fill out a questionaire 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.

If you have any questions regarding our practices, please get in touch.